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Large white pearls from Shanghai, natural metallicy pink pearls and yummy facetted labradorite.

I cut one of the big pearls in half to set into a pendant, and they are solid mother of pearl all the way through,so none of your plastic bead inside rubbish. Thought you should know. 

So, it's a pearl necklace but with labradorite so it's a bit more funky. 

 46cms long  - comes with a black velvet bag to keep it in, if you ever stop wearing it...

One thing, never get perfume or skin cream near pearls, they don't like it. and every now and again, give it a wash in warm soapy water, rinse well and let dry.. Pearl nacre is very delicate and will wear away if you don't look after them.


price includes a lovely velvet bag for storage 

ref no-KAJ 319


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