This really is a lush chunky statement necklace . I think the rainforest rhyolite beads look like little "Google Earths, and each one is totally fascinating..I put them together with the warm tones of the jasper and cracked [the pattern, not literally...] and will totally suite anyone who is into wearing unusual jewellery. 

Bonus- the beads take on the body warmth of the wearer and it is like wearing a little string of storage heaters around you neck!

The fastening is a handmade sterling silver hook, so easy to take on and off.

It will come with it's own little back velvet drawstring bag, useful for storage and travelling.

46cms long


price includes a velvet bag for storage 

ref no-KAJ 230 

Rainforest Rhyolite, Jasper and Carnelian necklace